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Master of Science in Agricultural Economics Degree


Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya’s economy. It contributes about 30% of the GDP and provides income to over 70% of the population. However, the sector continues to face many challenges, one of them being lack of skilled manpower. There is need for manpower which can effectively generate and promote technologies, strategies and services that can enhance agricultural productivity and quality while preserving the environment as envisaged in Vision 2030 and as spelt out in the Agricultural Sector Development Strategy (ASDS). The Programme is offered by the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension and is designed to give students a firm grounding in Economic Theory and Quantitative Methods in the main disciplinary fields of agricultural economics. These fields include farm management and production economics, agricultural marketing and international trade, development economics, and rural development and agricultural policy.


The Programme objectives are to:
1.    Equip professionals with knowledge and skills essential for transforming the agri-food sectors and rural economies in the region and beyond.
2.    Building advanced knowledge on agricultural development and policy for rural transformation
3.    Provide students with requisite capacity to design and conduct research and consultancy in agricultural resource management

Admission Requirement

i.    Holders of a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, Food Science, Range Management, Commerce, Economics or any other subject area acceptable to the Senate of the University of Embu OR
ii.    Holders of equivalent degrees or qualifications from other universities recognized by the Senate of the University of Embu as being of comparable academic status.

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