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Welcome to the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension


This is a vibrant Department housed by the School of Agriculture of the University of Embu. The Department is actively engaged in training, teaching and mentoring young and up-coming agricultural economists, extension experts, policy analysts, agricultural planners and agricultural-based entrepreneurs. The Department is currently running a series of demand-driven programmes which include; B.Sc. in Agribusiness, B.Sc. in Agricultural Extension, M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics and M.Sc. in Agricultural Extension.

Being in the heartland of a rich agricultural countryside has given the Department an opportunity for the students to undertake their respective programmes with first-hand experience with the agricultural community in the neighbourhood. Graduates from the Department have found their way both into the private and government set-ups across the country.

In addition, the Departmental staff are engaged in various research activities geared to addressing key challenges facing the agricultural sector in the country notably, on how farmers can optimise their returns to investment at the farm level in the wake of increasing climate changed-induced risks and uncertainties, on how to enhance technical and economic efficiencies of various agricultural production possibilities across landscapes in Kenya, and how to enhance the resilience of smallholder farming communities and households in Uganda and Kenya to the impacts of climate change.

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