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Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management: An Overview


Agricultural businesses continue to be one of the key drivers of economic development in most developing countries. Effective and efficient organization and management of agribusinesses is therefore central in realizing rapid economic progress. This curriculum intends to produce graduates in Agribusiness Management that will contribute to economic development process by applying the skills learnt during the program. The curriculum has been developed in response to felt needs of the students, agriculture-based enterprises and agro-based industries in Kenya. Recent development concerns and trends incorporated in this program include globalization, industrialization, agricultural products value chain development, private sector development and participation in agribusiness development and management, sustainable development and mainstreaming environmental and gender issues in the programme content.

Programme Objectives

The programme is geared to;
(i)    build the students’ knowledge base to increase allocative efficiency in resource use; and
(ii)    build the students outlook and attitudes through development of skills and capacity for work and
(iii)    provide students with training and know-how on problem identification, solution and decision-making.

Admission Requirements

For admission, K.C.S.E. candidates need minimum requirements of mean grade C+, and passes at C or above in Biology or Biological Sciences, Physics and Chemistry or Physical Sciences and Mathematics. Candidates taking Physical and Biological Sciences the fourth subject may be selected from Geography, Building Construction, Home Science, Power Mechanics, Agriculture, Electricity, Wood Work, Drawing and Design, Metal Work and Aviation Technology. Admission to the degree course may be granted to holders of KACE with two principal passes in science subjects and at least a credit in mathematics at O-level; holders of diploma in agricultural or business-related subjects; holders of a degree and a Higher National Diploma with a C- in KCSE.

Programme Duration

The teaching period for the degree programme is not less than four academic years or their equivalents. Each academic year consists of two semesters of 15 teaching weeks and two weeks of examination. Distance learning programme will run for a minimum of 8 semesters of 15 weeks each and a maximum of 16 semesters of 15 weeks each. There will be two semesters per calendar year, therefore, the minimum calendar years for completion of the programme would be a minimum of 4 years and a maximum of 8 years. The average course load per semester will be 6-course units studied through the 15 weeks. Students may be allowed to take a minimum of 4 units per semester. Each course unit in the programme has a loading minimum of 45 hours.

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