Tuesday, 21 May 2019

COD Message

The Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension is in the School of Agriculture of University of Embu and offers quality academic programmes to meet dynamic  market demand in agribusiness and extension.The Department has well-trained and committed staff members and the academic programs offered are aligned to the curriculums provided for by the Commission for University Education. The Department hosts two degree programmes namely Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Education and Extension and Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management. The total enrolment in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension is 186. The total enrolment in the Bachelor of Agribusiness Management degree program is 107 students while in the Bachelor of Agriculture Extension and Education degree program is 79 students.

The Department has a total of seven full-time academic staff members namely one lecturer,two assistant lecturers and four tutorial fellows.To run the two academic programs the Department engages part-time lecturers to meet the shortfall in full-time academic staff establishment.There is a lot of potential to increase enrolment in the current and new programs at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.The student population can be increased through construction of more infrastructures and engagement of more full time staff. There is room for expansion since there is enough land. There is a changing market demand which the Department has to keep up with and a competitive job market for graduates.

Dr. Hezron N. Isaboke